Analytics using HTTP requests
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How does it work?


Step one

Make a simple HTTP request to your pixel address. No need for libraries.


Step two

Query parameters
(?a=1&b=2...) are automatically mapped to database columns.


Step Three

You get full SQL access to your data via our Redash based web dashboard and our API.

Simple, transparent pricing

We have the most competitive price on the market

Pay as you go

First million calls per month are free

$29 / 1M monthly calls
  • Ability to scale to +100B calls
  • 10GB of daily queries free
  • Overquota queries are charged $1 per 10GB


How do I track events?

Simply make an HTTP or HTTPS request to your pixel address. Use query parameters (?a=1&b=5....) for more details you'd like to save.

How do I query the data?

We provide you with a Redash based dashboard with the ability to query and visualize your data and an API to query your data from your code.

Why am I getting 403 (Forbidden) when making a request?

This is by design to prevent possible caching of middleware proxies.

Can I set alerts based on the data collected?

Yes, our dashboard supports setting alerts based on scheduled query results.

Can I join between static details and the dynamic data collected?

Yes, a static table is provided so you can join static details with dynamic data collected.

What is the expected uptime of the system?

As our system is completely serverless, we expect 99.99% uptime.